When Itek paper was being phased out by a company in England, I bought cases of it, but over the years, the paper lost its capacity for subtle gray tones.  By 1984, I was using the spent paper to make photograms, which tend toward high contrast.  Then I found Ilford made darkroom papers similar in tone to the Itek paper.

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Ilford Prints

While on a residency in Japan, 2001, I started making photograms using sunlight.  Previously, I used artificial light like an enlarger light at right angle to the paper.  But in Japan in the fall, the sun was never directly overhead.  The light always reached the paper at an angle, which miraculously created a shadow, which in turn created depth.  The sense of depth in a photogram changes it from a high contrast graphic to a photographic drawing. I spent the next 6 years making photograms.

Photograms – Itek Paper

The Last Three Years – Photograms by Bill Arnold (video)